"Dobre rano blues band sounds authentic , genuine and earthy. They have the thrust of a swollen Mississippi river." (Rock and Pop Magazine)

"AC/DC style rocket which runs on Mississippi's fuel." (New Popular Magazine)

"Elements of fun are definitely a contribution to Dobre rano blues band's attraction. It is confirming that the old truth and stereotypical perception of blues as a gloomy genre is not corresponding to their reality." ( Peoples Newspaper )

"When love for music connects with interpretative master ship, the result is wonderful music." (Kultura21.cz)

"However Dobre rano blues band has only three musicians but thanks to their power and sounds it feels like there are at least two more of them for the whole time. The arrangement of their compositions are sympathically holding to acoustic form where all of the musical art and wild technique is clearly heard and enjoyed." (Musicweb.cz)


Dobre rano blues band (Good morning blues band) is a Czech-American trio which plays acoustic blues which has its origin by the Mississippi river. The band was formed in 2012. During 2012-2015 the band cooperated with Matěj Ptaszek who is a famous European harmonica player. Currently DRBB features Brynn Stephens from California, singer and harmonica's player, then Vít Kopecký who plays the 12 strings acoustic guitar and Vladislav Sosna, drummer and washboard player.

Dobré ráno blues band regularly plays at music festivals and clubs across Europe and so far they have played more than 1000 concerts. In the past they played on a tour with American guitar player Alex Schultz and Crazy Hambones band.

The band cooperates with Galén publishing and has recorded three albums (Live, Bluesgrass, Blues before breakfast) which have recieved high praise from professional critics and public.

Their concerts are known for their show full of energy, playfulness and awesome instrumentals performances.

Vit Kopecky

"Guitar magician of six strings"(Twoj Bluesy Magazine)

Vit Kopecky
Vit Kopecky

VIT KOPECKY is a professional blues guitar player who comes from Decin, North Bohemia. Music has been his passion since he was a child. He studied at Jaroslav Jezek's Conservatory and also cooperated with the legendary guitar player Karel Polacek (Fesaci band). Music has been his full time job since 2006. Since then has been performing at concerts all over Europe.

Along with his busy concert schedule, he has also been a guitar teacher since 2009 and contributes to guitar workshops.

Since 2015 he has been cooperating with the Czech guitar company called Jan Fiser Jazz and Blues Guitars and since 2016 also with legendary American company Ovation!

He has been in Dobre rano blues band since 2012 and he is also the founding member of the band.

For more information please visit www.vitkopecky.cz

Vladislav Sosna

"All-round player Vladislav Sosna is clearly demonstrating that even with a washboard and little cymbal it is possible to perform profound and rythmical moves. " (Peoples Newspaper)

Vladislav Sosna
Vladislav Sosna

VLADISLAV SOSNA is a popular player on drums and percussion instruments. He comes from Mnisek pod Brdy in the Czech Republic and music has been his passion since he was a small child. He has been a musical professional since 1983. Since then, he has been involved in many musical projects or bands, for example: Abraxas, Ticha dohoda, Framus 5, skupina Petry Janu, OPSO, Sestry Havelkovy, Shamanic Orchestra, Tam-Tam Orchestra. He has been in Dobre rano blues band since 2012 and he is also a founding member of the band.

Brynn Stephens

Brynn Stephens
Brynn Stephens

BRYNN STEPHENS comes from Los Angeles, California where he used to cooperate and play on tours of legendary bands such as Great White, Cheap Trick and Hurricane in the 80's. In Czech republic he closely worked with famous blues guitar player Lubos Andrst, significant musician Joe Carnation and also with recognized rock guitarist Pavel Kowacz.

He has been with Dobre rano blues band since 2015. In a short time he has had the chance to perform in many prestigious music festivals, for example Jazz festival in Hradec Králové, blues festival in Schmolzer, Germany or the Art festival in Tann, Germany. Next to music, Brynn is also a master teacher of  San Soo Kung fu.


Dobre rano blues band would like to thank Galen publishing for cooperation on the new album "Blues before breakfast", and also acoustic guitar luthier Jan Fiser and Jelica restaurant.